Z-Sense™ Technology Overview

All currently approved in vitro methods for determining the susceptibility of  bacteria and other pathogens to therapeutic agents rely on detecting the organism's growth (cell division) to obtain accurate and reliable test results. The requirement for sufficient growth to occur results in long times to obtain test results and consequently, the prescription of empirical patient therapies.


BioSense Technologies is developing a revolutionary new approach to rapid microbiological testing based on the detection of cellular stress. It is well documented that antibiotics trigger a physiological stress response in susceptible bacterial cells. The intensity of this response is also a measure of the effect of a drug on the organism. Because the activation of stress is immediate and does not depend on the growth rate, test results can be obtained in real-time. BioSense Technologies' proprietary Z-Sense™ technology enables the continuous monitoring of the physiological stress response and associated processes of antibiotic treated bacteria with a simple and practical method.


Our Z-Sense™ technology is based on a unique implementation of impedance sensing that combines measurements of the dielectric permittivity, an easily measured electronic property, with differential sensing methods. The approach monitors changes in the polarization of the cell suspension and correlates with the stress-specific biological signals.


The ability to obtain results in real-time makes possible diagnostic testing at the point of sample collection enabling the immediate identification of drug resistant infections and the prescription of targeted therapies.