About BioSense Technologies

BioSense Technologies is a privately held, early-stage biomedical company that develops technology for personalized medicine to treat cancer and infectious disease. The company is developing a proprietary new rapid platform technology to determine the chemosensitivity of difficult to culture cancer cells and antibiotic resistant infectious disease specimens. The technology is also being used to detect contaminant bacteria in complex samples and many other clinical applications.

Z-Sense™ Technology

Bacterial infection is a constant threat to the health of all people. Antibiotic resistance - the ability of bacteria to defeat once powerful drugs - significantly challenges our ability to cure disease and is an emerging crisis. Antibiotic resistance has become part of our everyday vocabulary and nearly all people have now encountered drug resistant infections either personally or through a friend or family member.

BioSense Technologies is developing Z-Sense™ technology, a new approach for treating infectious disease. Z-Sense™ technology determines the susceptibility of bacteria and and other cells to therapeutic agents in real-time (30 minutes or less) - significantly faster than currently used clinical testing methods. By making this information is available quickly, clinicians can identify the optimal treatment and prescribe targeted instead of empirical therapies. This capability will improve patient outcomes, reduce the spread of antibiotic resistance, and reduce healthcare costs.

BioSense is currently applying Z-Sense™ technology to a broad array of diseases including tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infections, fungal infections, and anti-cancer chemotherapy sensitivity testing as well as other testing needs ranging from the identification of contaminated blood products for transfusion to contaminated foods.